You can use this widgPricinget to input text into the page.

Simple Pricing is used in our new Simple Order Form. 

Our new Simple Order Form takes the confusion of different options out of the form and allows you to select the size of print and orientation only.

When ordering on the Simple Order Form you can only upload jpg files, prints are only available with a white glossy finish, 4x4 and 4x6 prints come with an acrylic foot and all other prints come with the Gatorboard back and hanging wire for easy hanging on a picture hook.

Advanced Pricing is used in our original order form. 

This form has advanced features allowing you to upload different file formats like tifs, jpgs, pngs and pdfs.  You can select various metal finishes, our proprietary FMK option and display options such as  an Acrylic foot, Gatorboard with a wire,  metal float frames and our patented Tin Man Magnetic mount.