Metal Mouth Prints is owned and operated by Ben Gasser an avid photographer from the Metropolitan Kansas City area. Home of the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs.Ben’s passion in printing started shortly after he began printing inkjet prints with an Canon desktop printer. Never satisfied with the results provided by the manufacturers canned drivers and ICC profiles Ben set out to learn how to create his own profiles. Since that time he has almost always created his own profiles using Greytag or XRite equipment.


While operating his IT support company out of Hotz Business Solutions Ben started to become familiar with large format printers and eventually became an Epson Professional Graphics dealer. While being a dealer was not a profitable venture he started to work with some used Epson’s and learning more about how they worked. Because of the dealer arrangement Ben also started to become familiar with various papers and canvas products.


Approximately 4 years ago Ben started getting involved with experimenting with Dye sublimation. Ben never wanting to do what everyone else was doing he started to look at different types of media that his photos could be printed on. He came across a method from Dupont on how to sublimate Corian countertop surfaces. This led Ben and a friend to experiment with how to actually start a business printing on Corian. Due to technical difficulties with the Corian material that process/business did not work out. As that venture faded Ben started to see in trade publications the availability of Aluminum prints from various vendors. So, Ben started his quest to become a premium print provider of Aluminum prints.


After showing his prints to many photographers in the Kansas City area and to Artists in ComicCon world Ben started to become more comfortable with his process. During the development of his proprietary process Ben always had certain benchmarks he wanted to attain. One of those benchmarks was to match prints he was obtaining from Epson Premium Luster Paper. Today when a photographer or Artist provides a file from a color managed system he is able to provide a match in almost 95% of the time.


Looking at other hanging methods in the market of Metal Prints Ben was not satisfied. Ben started offering Gator Board as an optional mount with a wire across the back. Still looking for something more unique Ben and Bryan Azorsky came up with a Patent Pending magnetic mount that is sold by Tin Man Prints.


Always impressed by Peter Lik’s ability to create attention grabbing face mounted prints Ben set out to create a print that had a close resemblance to a face mounted print. And the FMK treatment was born. FMK being an acronym for “Face Mount Killer” is a metal print that appears to be thicker and much sturdier. Many photographers familiar with face mounted prints have actually thought that the FMK print was exactly that. The FMK print is stronger, much more scratch resistant, water proof and weather proof in locations that are not in direct sunlight. With a frame around an FMK print you may feel like you are looking at a Peter Lik type of print.


Metal prints are available in basically four surfaces: White Gloss, White Matte, Clear Gloss and Clear Matte. Most customers of clear metal prints from other vendors are disappointed by the results they receive but customers of Metal Mouth Prints are blown away by the saturation and vibrancy. If ordering Clear Glossy, Clear Matte or White Matte prints be aware that they are not available in sizes above 16×20.


Along with metal prints Metal Mouth Prints does fine art printing on Hahnemuhle Metalic Canvas and Chromaroll metallic media. Order a Metal Print from Metal Mouth Prints and get a print you will be proud to share.


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